Will Theresa find Dodger?

Theresa is suspicious about Dodger’s whereabouts and tells Sienna she’s going to find him. To try and throw her off the scent, Sienna tells Dodger to call Theresa and tell her he’s in LA with Maxine, but instead he tell Theresa he’s at his mum, Anna’s, house. Theresa arrives – but will she find Dodger?

Rick has organised a lunch for Robbie and Phoebe and asks Nancy to come too, bribing her with a box of painkillers. It’s clear Rick has an ulterior motive and, as he tries to get what he wants, he upsets Robbie in the process.

Also, Ste asks Tony to be his best man and helps him get back into The Hutch, while Sinead finds Diane’s new address in Lockie’s little black book – will her insecurity over Tony get the better of her?