Myra’s shocked to learn that Carmel is still planning on shopping Theresa to the police and asks Jacqui for help. When Logan reveals to everyone that he’s a policeman, Jacqui insists Theresa gets rid. Jacqui and Theresa issue a threat to Carmel; if she grasses them up, she’ll lose Angel.

Jasmine decides to leave Jason’s bloodstained clothes in the shack. A frightened Fern is thrown as Jasmine refuses to be blackmailed anymore. But, later, Fern discovers the hidden clothes.

Riley’s in hospital and Heidi’s stunned when Carl tells her they’re not pressing charges against Liam; he’s been punished by Nathan’s death. Later, Carl coaches Seth on the ‘official’ version of events, but Seth’s disgusted that Carl let Nathan die. Jem overhears Carl explain that he had no choice; it was Riley or Nathan. Jem is more convinced than ever that her dad’s a liar.

Also; Malachy tries to explain himself to a furious Lynsey. But she can’t forgive him for turning on Mercedes, they’re finished; Ste moves in for a kiss but when Brendan tells him firmly to stop, he backs off. When they turn to see Amy is walking down the stairs towards them, Brendan regards Ste with venom and tells him that she better not have seen anything.

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