Will Theresa keep her baby?

Jacqui pressures Theresa to make a decision about Calvin’s baby – she needs to decide whether she’s having it or not. When a confused Theresa starts to waver, Jacqui takes the decision out of her hands and books an appointment at an abortion clinic. Desperate and isolated, Theresa turns to an unlikely ally for help.

Jake tries to convince Loretta to shop her stalker Adam to the police, and he’s confused when she fobs him off with a lame excuse. Jake decides to sneak Adam’s number from Loretta’s mobile and hunts him down, but when Jake hears Adam’s side of the story, he’s shocked to learn that Loretta’s not telling him the whole truth. With Loretta’s dark jealously growing, Jake wonders whether he needs to watch his back.

Lauren worries about Leo – Calvin’s death has hit him hard. Gaz dodges capture and urges Lauren to go on the run, but Lauren is torn. She loves Gaz, but can’t bring herself to leave her grieving dad.

Also, Darren does his best to help Josh face his sentence but doesn’t pull any punches, telling him that life in Her Majesty’s prison is hell. As reality dawns, Josh is horrified by what he faces inside.

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