Sam sees Sonny behind the police desk. He reveals himself as DS Sonny Valentine and tells her what the McQueens have been hiding. Theresa is horrified when Sonny confronts her and tells her he’s going to bring her down. Mercedes tells Theresa she needs to run away with Kathleen-Angel if she wants to escape prison. Carmel is adamant that the tot should stay with them and Nana reluctantly agrees – Theresa needs to go on her own. It’s emotional as Theresa says goodbye to her family.

Fraser tells Tony he knows some cheap builders who can help him out. Tony gets £10k out of the bank and stores it in Attwell’s safe for the builders. Ste and Tony decide to run the business together. Tony makes Finn apologise for what he did to John Paul, so Finn tells Robbie he’s going to rob Attwell’s to get back at Tony for humiliating him. The boys meet outside the gym and, wearing balaclavas, they head towards the building for ultimate pay-back. However, when they reach the safe, the money’s already gone.

As the alarm rings out, Robbie and Finn try to escape, but Nana McQueen grabs Finn on the arm and refuses to let go. He punches the OAP in the face and Robbie is disgusted. Tony, Fraser, Dennis and John Paul comfort the fragile lady and JP is shocked when he sees a Hollyoaks High School tie in his Nana’s hand.