Will Theresa pull through?

Kyle is dead but Ethan is safe with baby Kathleen-Angle in his arms. Brendan anxiously tells them he didn’t realised Kyle was holding the baby when he shot him. But Theresa is confused as to why Kyle spoke to Brendan on the phone, and he assures her it’s a case of mistaken identity and he is trying to help her.

In the aftermath of Kyle’s attack, Carmel, Warren and Theresa argue about what to do next. As Carmel tries to help Ethen get out of the shaft she falls in. She asks Warren to get Ethan out first and as he reaches back in to get her the lift falls. The ambulance is called and Theresa and baby Kathleen-Angel are rushed to hospital as the paramedics fight to save their lives. Carmel watches baby Angel hooked up to little tubes and looks on panicked as Theresa flat lines on the operating table.

Jacqui and Cheryl are being chatted up all night at the club. Unaware that it’s a night Warren organized for escorts the police conduct a raid. Later, Cheryl reveals to Jacqui that she and Rhys have been together and a devestated Jacqui confronts him.

Also; Gilly and Lindsey share an awkward date.

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