Will Theresa shoot Dodger?

A desperate Theresa is being comforted by Freddie and finds a gun in his garage. She approaches a mourning Dodger at Texas’s fresh grave and desperate to keep her secret safe she points the gun at his back. Will turns up and together, the brothers talk Theresa down.

Patrick fails to tell Maxine his feelings when she announces she’s going to visit Mitzeee. Meanwhile, Dodger feels lost after Dirk disowns him and wanders the village in a drunken haze. Sienna invites him to Nancy’s birthday lunch, but ends up telling him exactly what she thought of Texas instead.

Mercedes is unimpressed when Browning buys her a vintage mini as a wedding present. Mercy and Browning take advantage of the car’s back seat but when the doors jam, they have to call a mechanic to take the car to his garage.

Also, in the wake of his brother’s departure, Freddie hides the gun at the garage and Jason goes missing. Ziggy and Freddie find Jason and try to talk him round, but he’s clearly missing his twin. He runs off again and sees Browning’s mini parked up at the garage. He climbs in and shuts the door behind him, which jams. With his insulin at home and having not eaten anything, his blood sugar starts to drop…