Tim calls off the christening, for the sake of Faye and Miley’s well-being. While he’s breaking the news to the congregation, Josie and Grieg approach Tim, suggesting it may be better if Miley were to live with him and he agrees to talk to Anna and Faye.

Kylie is mortified when David begins to air the family’s dirty laundry. The counsellor insists that it must be positive vibes all round. Later, tensions rise even further when Sarah calls at No 8 with Callum.

Tracy is sick of the sight of Brian and urges him to be more proactive in his bid to win back Julie. Meanwhile, Julie tells Dev about her encounter with Brian, but assures him there’s nothing to worry about. Dev squirms as Mary has her beady eye on him.

Roy invites Cathy to join him for dinner, but she says she’s busy. Cathy later joins Tyrone and Fiz for a drink and discusses her and her late husband’s passion for quiz shows. Fiz suggests a Rovers pub quiz, but Cathy seems reluctant.