Will Tim really leave the Street?

As Tim says goodbye to an angry Faye, she sees it as proof he never cared. Tim’s scathing of the heartache Owen and Anna have made him inflict on her, but they insist it’s for the best in the long run. Emotional Tim turns to Sally. Wanting him to stay, not just for Faye but also for herself, Sally tries to make him reconsider.

Panicking Karl rushes after Craig, knowing he can place him at the scene of the crime – he has to get to Craig before he talks to anyone about the night of the fire. Dragging him into his car Karl can’t keep a lid on his volatile emotions and tells Craig he started a fire that killed two people and must keep quiet unless he wants to go to prison.

As Tina holds Jake, Gary and Izzy are moved by her honesty – it’s painful to see Jake from a distance but she’d still like to play a part in his life. Worried about confusing Jake, Gary and Izzy worry about Tina having contact.

Also, Dev comforts Leanne as she tries to get on with day to day life; Stella’s annoyed when Karl misses their appointment at the registry office.