Will Tina and Graeme kiss?

Jason‘s devastated when Tina refuses to give their relationship a go and ends up lashing out. His blood boiling Jason’s convinced there must be someone else and accuses Nick of trying to steal his girlfriend, but he’s got the wrong guy. Tina asks Graeme to visit and when he finds her in tears after a run-in with Eileen, he says all the right things. Tina admits she’s glad he’s there for her, in fact she wants him to be there more, and moves in for a kiss.

Ciaran prepares for the speed dating night, but offers to cancel the whole thing if Michelle says the word. She insists she’s not interested, but Liz can see the signs. She suggests Michelle makes a move before someone else does.

Fiz isn’t happy that Charlotte knows their secret, but John tries to play it down. However, when Charlotte turns up on the street again Fiz knows she’s got them over a barrel. Fiz tells John he has to quit his job.

Also, Cheryl uses the speed dating to get a few minutes with Lloyd. Sorry that she led him on Cheryl insists she’d like to be friends; the factory girls are confused to discover Nick’s trading under a new name, ‘Nick’s Nicks’.

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