Tina warns Liz about Tony supplying knock-off gear to Rob and Tracy, but also warns Peter that she doesn’t think Rob will rest as he knows he’s up to something. Wanting to get away from everything Tina makes a drastic decision and tells a shocked Steph she’s leaving Weatherfield – and taking Peter with her.

A shocked Tyrone confronts a terrified Maria and tells her he knows she sent the texts. Audrey’s horrified when she finds out how Maria pretended to be Kirsty and is even more angry when she realises David knew all along. A clearly distressed Maria looks to her brother for comfort. Meanwhile, Fiz and Tyrone wonder whether to report Maria to the police.

Sinead’s relieved that Beth’s seen sense when she admits that she couldn’t go through with the operation and tells them she’s going to take them on holiday instead.

Also, Owen tells Anna that he has been offered a couple of weeks’ work in Aberdeen.