Gary is scared stiff on the day of his court case that he’s going to be sent down, while David is worried that Tina is not going to turn up. Joe feels guilty about the pressure he is putting on his daughter and Anna is trying to comfort her family. At the courthouse, Gary and David goad each other about the trial as Gary grows in confidence for every minute that Tina doesn’t show. David is flooded with relief when she finally appears.

Steve offers to buy Becky a new engagement ring, but she insists that she is happy with Michelle‘s old one. She’s not so relaxed about the wedding though after going to the register office and booking it for Friday, March the 13th and she’s already panicking about the day being unlucky.

Graeme manages to impress the neighbours with his knowledge of gardening when he helps Colin fit a window box for Rita. But, as usual, Norris finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time with disastrous consequences.

Also, Luke persuades the girls to work overtime to complete a big order; Ken admits to Ted that he has feelings for Martha but that he doesn’t want to hurt Deirdre.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

David is thrilled and relieved as Tina arrives in court in the nick of time, while Gary is devastated. David takes the stand and tells the court that Gary started the fight. Tina has had enough and decides that she can’t keep lying and tells the jury that it was David who threw the first punch. Gary is set free and David is furious about Tina’s betrayal.

Rosie feels her nose is being pushed out of joint by Julie’s working relationship with new boss Luke. As Luke turns to Julie to help him sort out the overtime, Rosie taunts Janice about her lack of education. But ever the peacemaker Luke steps in and offers to send Janice on a first aid course. Meanwhile, Luke plays the long game when Maria tells him that she wants more time to think about his offer to buy Lad Rags.

Liz discovers that Lloyd lied to her about his whereabouts on Friday. Lloyd told her that he was working and Liz is worried about what Lloyd has been getting up to when she finds out he wasn’t working after all.

Also, Leanne gets a job offer running a restaurant in Leeds; Norris has to wear a brace after the compost accident.

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