As Graeme discusses setting Xin up with a mate, knowing that she needs to get married quickly to stay in the country, Tina fears there isn’t time. As she rails about the injustice of the situation and the fear of losing her friend, she’s further angered to hear Kylie is brokering a deal for Xin to marry David in exchange for two thousand pounds. Desperate not to see her friend involved with the scheming pair Tina comes to Xin’s rescue and suggests a plan of her own.

Kylie’s expecting a job in David’s salon, after he told her that he holds a lot of sway there. But when Audrey reveals there’s no position for her, it becomes clear he’s over-egged his part in the business. Meanwhile, Audrey’s horrified when one of her elderly clients dies under the drier while she’s busy gossiping with Claudia.

Maria tries her hardest to avoid Frank and panics when she hears Frank’s coming to check on the new order. She instantly hot-foots it to the Rovers.

Also; Sophie’s nervous when Sian calls to say she’s on her way home; Mary gives Norris a birthday surprise.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Xin’s overwhelmed by Graeme’s offer to marry her but Graeme stews, feeling Tina put him under pressure. He can see that no good can come of the situation but doesn’t want to let Tina or Xin down. After a good think he makes a decision and back at the flat he admits he can’t through with it. Tina agrees to tell Xin so that he doesn’t have to.

David questions whether Kylie wants to marry him at all after she offered him to Xin. He starts to wonder whether everyone was right when they told him that she was bad news. Meanwhile, Audrey’s shaken as the dead body of the elderly lady is removed from the salon. She starts to reflect on her own age, and reaches a decision that will send shock waves through the Platt family.

Frank realises Maria’s avoiding him and broaches the subject with Carla. Carla asks Maria to draw a line under what happened for the sake of business, knowing that she needs Frank if they want to stay afloat. But Maria’s finding it hard to forgive and forget.

Also; Sophie‘s excited to have Sian home, but when she appears distracted and announces she’s going back to her mum’s, Sophie’s deflated.

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