Will Tina go through with the surrogacy plan? (VIDEO)

At the clinic Izzy tries to call a missing Tina, but gives up when the doctor announces they’ve missed their slot. The embryos will still be viable for another 24 hours so it’s imperative that their surrogate attends tomorrow. Tommy meanwhile has stopped the car and tells Tina that if she goes ahead with the surrogacy he’ll leave her. As Tina takes this in a devastated Gary and Izzy tell Anna and Owen about Tina’s no-show. But later Tina arrives at the house apologising for letting them down earlier, telling them she’s going through with the surrogacy despite Tommy’s ultimatum.

Ryan visits Sophie in hospital. Sophie tells him that she’s lied to the police to protect him, but makes Ryan swear he’ll give up drugs. Ryan’s emotional as he explains how desperately sorry he is. But Sally and Kevin be aren’t as forgiving as Sophie.

After the governors’ meeting Wendy suggests they go back to hers for supper. Once there Wendy encourages Ken to offload his woes. But when a tipsy Ken falls asleep in his chair Wendy doesn’t wake him.

Also, Nick steps in to mend Mary’s friendship with Roy; Gloria insists on taking Lewis out to dinner.