After Tina accuses him of sponging, David withdraws money from his and Kylie’s joint account. Already angry with David for taking money from their account, Kylie is enraged to find he has taken Max to Tina’s flat. As Kylie goes to confront David, the extra stress leads Tina to kick out David.

With the wedding looming, Carla’s concerned she hasn’t found a dress yet. Hayley urges her to get a move on, but Carla has a better idea. She’s going to ask Hayley to make the dress, and give her something to live for.

Tina calls round for Simon and takes him to school. It’s clear they get on well and Peter thinks that she may be the answer to his prayers. But when Tina receives a surprise call from Tommy, she is left devastated.

Also, Lloyd covers that Todd’s the perfect employee.