Will Tina lie for David?

Audrey confronts David and asks him outright whether he pushed his mum down the stairs. David feigns shock when Audrey insists that he would have a motive if he had discovered Tina’s abortion and a penitent Audrey buys his performance. Bill is more suspicious and warns David that he’s on to him. David is shaken and he asks Tina to give him an alibi and lie that they were together at the time of Gail’s fall. Bill calls the police and David is questioned. Fiz returns from holiday and heads straight round to No.5 with a present for Chesney. She realises that something is up the minute she finds the house clean and tidy. Kirk enlists Roy’s help to break the news that Chesney has been taken into care and Fiz is furious. Michelle puts on a brave face as she says goodbye to Ryan when he leaves for his holiday with Nick. Steve tries to cheer her up by treating her to some beautiful flowers and money for a pampering day at the spa, but Michelle worries that after alienating Alex, she’s about to lose Ryan. Also, Leanne’s buyer pulls out of the deal; Becky is desperate to move in with Roy. *Second episode, 8.30pm* David is questioned by the police and furiously denies any involvement in Gail’s fall. David then lies that he was with Tina at the time. David later turns up at the hospital to see Gail and Audrey and Bill admits to Gail that they called the police on David. Gail is outraged and demands that they both leave. Meanwhile, the police approach Tina about David’s alibi and she feels forced to go along with David’s lie. Leanne is disappointed about the low offer that the restaurateur made for Valandro’s and she heads to the Rovers to drown her sorrows. Paul has clearly fallen for Leanne in a big way, but she doesn’t take any notice and when Dan asks her out she agrees. Paul jealously watches the couple. Fiz visits Chesney in his foster home and promises him that she will sort out the situation. Fiz apologises to Kirk for being so harsh with him and admits that Kirk is the one person in Chesney’s life who has always been there for him. Fiz says she’s been too caught up in her own problems, but promises that things will change. Also, Roy delights Becky by offering her lodging at the flat.