Will Tina recover to identify her attacker?

A devastated Rita and David keep a vigil at Tina’s bedside desperately praying that she recovers. Meanwhile, the finger of suspicion points at one resident and their life is about to fall apart as the police announce who they suspect is behind Tina’s attack.

Izzy and Katy realise there’s something seriously wrong when Owen tells a clearly upset Anna that he needs to get away. They demand to know what’s going on, and Anna prepares to tell them the truth about her night with Phelan.

Kal’s disappointed when Leanne tells him that they must keep their relationship under wraps for now as Simon’s already upset over Tina and Peter. But she is left stuck in an impossible situation when he explains he doesn’t want to keep secrets any longer.

Also, Steph has spent the night at Luke’s flat, unable to face going home after what happened to Tina.