Will Tina take the pregnancy test?

Tony is feeling guilty over how Jacqui’s surrogacy plans are affecting Dom, and tries to make it up to him by buying him a pricey bottle of wine for his birthday, but it doesn’t dissolve the tension between the pair. Later, it’s clear Dom and Tina still have feelings for each other when they meet up for his birthday surprise, but with Tina still to take the pregnancy test, their future remains unclear.

John-Paul is surprised to find Ste in the house, claiming to have come for Michaela’s stuff and Myra is upset when Ste informs her Michaela is moving in with them. John-Paul goes after her, but stubborn Michaela refuses to come home.

Russ tries to motivate Nancy to get her job back but she insists she’s happy staying at home with Jake and Charlie. Jake is delighted to overhear this and tells Russ that Nancy is doing the right thing. Later, Jake hints that it’s time for Russ to move out but is annoyed when Nancy insists they need his rent money.

That evening, on a night out with Jake, Russ is surprised to learn Jake stood Nancy up to come out, and feels uncomfortable about his cavalier attitude towards her.