Steph walks up the aisle, nervous that Sonya will spill the beans. The celebrant takes their awkward glances as wedding jitters. When she asks if anyone objects to the union, Lyn is terrified that Sonya will speak up, but she remains silent. Toadie sends a coded message to Sonya in his vows – he will wait for her. Despite both their doubts, Steph and Toadie go ahead and get married.

Terry is on a mission to win over Lyn. He asks Kate and Sophie to help him, but they’re heading to the wedding reception. This gives him an idea and he asks the girls to try and get him an invitation. He can impress Lyn with his dance moves! They notice Summer running back to the house to fetch something, so ask her if Terry can come. She says he’s welcome to join them, but she’s not sure he’s Lyn’s type.

Ringo and Nick both help make Donna’s first event after her hospital ordeal enjoyable, but Donna still feels caught between the two men. Donna admits to Lucas the only reason she hasn’t gone back to Ringo is to keep her father happy.

Toadie tells Sonya he loves her, and they kiss. Libby sees them.

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