Will Toadie be dragged to safety?

The residents of Erinsborough battle to save themselves from the fire engulfing the high school. While Sheila wrestles with the guilt of choosing to save herself over Toadie, it’s up to Sonya to find him and try dragging him to safety – with a little help from Steph. A firefighter rescues Amber and Susan but smoke inhalation compromises Amber’s breathing. She’s forced to give Josh an ultimatum – between her and the baby, the baby must come first and Josh agrees.

Brad insists on returning to the burning building to save Terese. He’s relieved to learn she was rescued – but the cost of the delay has meant her suffering serious burns and she’ll need skin grafts. Brad is riddled with guilt, especially when Imogen thinks her father saved her mother. Later, Terese tells him she knows he saved Lauren first and she’ll never forgive him for it.

Also, Mark’s reaction on freeing Tyler and Paige from the lift prompts Tyler to make a decision on his chance of a future with Paige.