Will Toadie betray his friends?

Toadie’s feeling the pressure and tensions are running high between him and Peter. With Peter worried that the developers will look for another site due to the hold up, he tells Toadie to find a solution by the end of the day or he’s fired.

Slaving over hundreds of documents and law books, Toadie worries there’s no possible solution, until he realises that if they put the car park on the other side of the development, then they can go ahead. However, he realises this means building on both Lucas’s and Kyle’s businesses. Facing the sack, Toadie reluctantly reveals his findings to Peter.

Having promised Eric they’d get hold of the car he wants, Chris and Andrew are worried when they can’t get hold of one. However, that doesn’t stop Andrew promising him they’ll have it for him tomorrow. When Eric turns up at Harold’s demanding his money back, Andrew can’t fool him any longer.

Waiting to give Eric his money back, the boys are shocked and relieved when Lucas arrives in the BMW Eric wants, saving Andrew’s back. Chris fixes the car up without Lucas’s help and when he tells him he did a great job, Chris hands him his apprenticeship papers, saying he wants to be a mechanic.