Will Toadie sue for compensation?

Toadie decides to sue the council for compensation, knowing that it’ll mean the end of Naomi’s career. However, when Toadie reads a card Naomi left, which voices her remorse, he admits to a relived Sonya that in spite of his worries for their family’s future, he’s not going through with the lawsuit.

Paul’s overjoyed to hear that Toadie’s dropping the legal action but Naomi’s incensed that he can’t understand why she feels so guilty. Paul, however, has started to wonder if there’s more going on and can’t help himself from asking her – is she still in love with Toadie?

After a jam session with Ben, Karl suggests the two of them should form a band together! Ben’s appalled, but can’t bring himself to hurt his grandfather’s feelings. Karl’s delighted and tells Ben he’s already lined up their first gig – at a nursing home!

When Sonya arrives to pick up Nell from daycare, Amber informs her that Angie already collected her. Sonya’s furious and Amber’s left feeling horribly guilty. It’s the first hiccup in her new childcare career.