Will Tom and Peri run away together?

Peri attempts to live her life to the full after fleeing from the hospital. Tom takes her to The Folly and tells her he’s not going to help her run away. He accidentally tells her he loves her and she kisses him, before passing out. She ends up back in hospital, ready for her operation. As Peri is being sedated, she tells Sam some news that piques her suspicions about Danny and John Paul.

Fraser tells Sonny about his ‘stolen’ car, but Sonny’s suspicious. Fraser lies that he was with Tegan and she backs up his story. Later, Fraser hears about Katy and realises he’s the reason Sinead didn’t get to her daughter in time.

Fraser’s car is identified as the one that caused the accident, but Ste has already torched it. Sonny is shocked when he discovers the body of one of his colleagues (DS Sykes) in the boot. Elsewhere, Leela tells Tegan about the crash and Tegan tries to get in touch with Fraser. He manages to convince Tegan to carry on lying for him.

Sinead is stopped by Diane and Finn from looking at the flowers that have been placed outside The Hutch for Katy and she leaves with Freddie. Freddie becomes increasingly worried that grief-stricken Sinead is going to do something to harm herself.