Will Tom rescue Lula?

New pupil Lula is causing disruption this week at Waterloo Road. At the tree planting ceremony to remember Denzil, she ends up lashing out at Imogen and causing a scene. Sian is furious that she’s ruined what should have been a special moment, but when she speaks to Lula in the cooler, the girl is adamant that she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Things go from bad to worse for Lula, as she continues to be disruptive throughout the day. But after talking to both Lula and her uncle, Tom is left in some doubt as to who is telling the truth about the cause of her behaviour.

Meanwhile, Christine Mulgrew’s alcoholism is becoming harder to hide. Someone has broken into her drawer, found the bottle of vodka she keeps locked in there and leaves it for all to see on her desk. As Audrey comes into the classroom with Christine, she’s quick to blame her pupils. Her son Connor takes the blame in front of Audrey to stop her becoming suspicious about Christine, but it doesn’t take long for Christine to realise that it was in fact Connor who stole the vodka from her desk.

Suddenly, piecing together what’s been happening, a desperate Tom goes searching for Lula. She was telling the truth the whole time, and her uncle was about to perform an exorcism on her for being evil. Tom bursts in just in time and rescues Lula before anything happened to her.