Will Tommy choose Terry or Tina?

Tina can’t believe Tommy’s going ahead with Terry’s plan, but Tommy argues they have no choice. As Terry heads to the Rovers to create his alibi he tells Tommy he’ll leave a gas heater in the bar; all he has to do is switch it on and help it set fire to the curtains. Tina finds Tommy about to start the fire and she begs him not to do this – she knows where this kind of harebrained scheme can lead and she can’t face losing another person she loves. She insists that if Tommy does this it’s over between them.

Eileen and Paul are stunned when a police officer arrives at the house, they’ve had an emergency call to report them for hurting Lesley. As she tells the officer they’re keeping her captive Paul is forced to explain that Lesley has Alzheimer’s. Meanwhile, Paul’s annoyed when he hears Norris gossiping about his tussle with Lesley

When Dev moots the idea of selling the corner shop flat Sunita urges him not to do anything hasty, noting this could make the perfect love nest for her and Karl!

Also, Kirsty quickly alienates all the Underworld staff, but when she opens up to Fiz we learn a lot more about Kirsty’s past.