Will Tommy expose Tyrone’s secret?

Tommy realises saying anything to Tyrone regarding what Tina’s told him about Kirsty would seem like an act of betrayal. He agrees to keep schtum. Later, Tyrone accidentally scalds his hand with a boiling kettle. When he arrives back at the garage, his hand now lovingly bandaged by Kirsty, Tommy panics. Tyrone, thrown by Tommy’s concern, explains how it happened, but Tommy doesn’t believe him. Later, when she sees Tyrone together with Tommy and Tina, Kirsty flips. Tommy’s heard enough and he gives Kirsty a piece of his mind, which leaves her mortified.

Michelle’s concerned as Ryan struggles to suppress the urge for his next line. Steve offers to take Ryan to a gig later. Later, however, when Steve hears that Rob is taking Michelle out for dinner he feels threatened, so decides to gatecrash their meal and tells Ryan he’ll have to go to the gig on his tod. Ryan realises he can turn the situation to his advantage.

Sunita puts pressure on Karl to find a job. Later, Karl reveals a mate has offered him a job lot of smoke detectors for a grand. But he’s disappointed when Sunita doesn’t jump for joy.

Also, Jason’s not impressed when Maria arranges a bank holiday DVD night with Marcus and Aiden.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Tommy dares Kirsty to deny she’s been violent to Tyrone. Kirsty reckons she doesn’t have to explain herself as Tyrone claims there’s been a misunderstanding, but the damage has been done. Later Kirsty demands to know who else Tyrone has told and what’s really going on between him and Tina. He tells her he had to share his problem with someone because fearing someone he loves is eating him up. When Tyrone promises he’ll make sure no body else will find out Kirsty gives him an ultimatum. As he heads off to find Tommy and Tina, he’s determined to carry out her wishes.

Steve confesses he’s jealous of Rob but Michelle assures him it’s him she loves. Suddenly concerned about Ryan Steve assures her he was happy to go to the gig alone. Ryan meanwhile, is still desperately in need of a fix, flogs the tickets Steve bought for him to Sophie and heads off into the night.

Sunita’s annoyed when Dev spoils the twins but he tells her its his money. Sunita tells Karl she’ll pay for his smoke detectors by taking the money from the joint bank account she shares with Dev.

Also; Maria only starts enjoying her DVD night when Jason and Aiden fall fast asleep and she’s alone with Marcus.