Will Tony and Cindy say ‘I Do’?

Tony reveals his reservations about the wedding, leaving Cindy livid. Will anyone be able to convince them to continue with their big day?

Rhys and Darren have a heart-to-heart and Rhys reveals he’s leaving Jacqui. He doesn’t tell him about Cindy though! Later, Rhys bumps into Cindy in the village and asks her to leave with him! She tells him she’s not leaving Tony, but as she kisses Rhys for the last time, Tony walks past the alleyway and sees them – his sight restored!

Meanwhile, Jono is faced with an important decision He chooses Bart as his best-man, but is disappointed with Bart’s underwhelmed reaction – he’s made the wrong choice!

Elsewhere, it’s a moment of clarity for Brendan when he’s finally able to confess to Cheryl that he loves Ste and is scared of losing him forever.