Will Tony take Darren’s tip?

Darren hears about Tony’s money troubles and offers him gambling advice. Meanwhile, Scott has his own money-making idea to be a children’s entertainer, so he dresses up as a clown and promptly scares the life out of Tony! Later, Tony decides to take Darren up on his offer and hands over £1,000.

Ste tries to plead his innocence over the drugs found in the teapot but no one, not even Harry, believes him. Tegan reveals to Ste that the cocaine was hers but Ste won’t let Tegan take the blame in front of everyone else and ‘admits’ the drugs are his. Later, Ste and Harry move out.

Also, Theresa’s planning to leave Hollyoaks but doesn’t want anyone to know. Unfortunately, she’s busted when Kathleen Angel tells Myra they’re going to Spain. After speaking to Myra, Theresa has a change of heart but Diego doesn’t want her to give up on her dream of starting a new life. Myra gives Theresa her blessing and waves goodbye to her niece.

Later, Diego encourages John Paul to set up an online dating profile.