Will Tori stand up for Nate?

It seems Tori's personal life is having an effect on her professional judgement...

With Nate livid that Tori has sacked him, Tori explains it wasn’t her decision, claiming Dr. Chung made the call to fire Nate because he’s the highest paid doctor. Nate isn’t interested in Tori’s reasons, though, and snaps at her. Later, Nate arrives for his shift at the hospital and apologises to Tori.

As they continue to argue over the fact that Tori let her personal feelings guide her professional decisions, however, they’re unaware they are being overheard by a nurse. Will Tori and Nate get past this latest bump – and why is the mystery nurse listening in on their conversation?

Meanwhile, Brody looks terrible and his siblings are concerned for his health. He manages to fob off their questions, but Raffy won’t leave him alone as she needs a lift to Yabbie Creek to pick up some school books.

At first he refuses to take her, but changes his mind, so that he has an excuse to pick up some drugs from Lena. After picking up his latest fix, Brody drives Raffy to Yabbie Creek, but he starts to panic when a police car signals to pull him over…