Tracy packs some things ready for her getaway with Rob and hugs Amy, telling her how much she loves her. But when Ken arrives home announcing the police have found Rob’s murder weapon, Tracy jumps in Ken’s car and makes her getaway. Ken realises Tracy has chosen Rob over her own daughter, but Rob’s relieved to see Tracy and suggests they leave straight away.

As Eileen continues to ignore Todd, Roy suggests it’s time he ended the rift with family and friends. When hooligans later hurl eggs at the café, Todd rides to the rescue and helps Roy clear up the mess. As Roy thanks Todd, Tyrone and Fiz are impressed.

Maria moans to Audrey about Luke, but it’s clear to Audrey she fancies him. In the Rovers, Luke apologises to Maria and suggests they start again.

Yasmeen tries to drum up interest in the first aid course she’s running at the community centre. Izzy agrees to go and Katy finds herself press-ganged into it.