Will Tracy and Rob blackmail Carla and Peter

Rob’s determined to press his case against Peter but with some family loyalty kicking in Tracy suggests they can be cleverer. They’ve got Peter and Carla over a barrel and Tracy lays it on the line, they want the bookies shop for six months, rent free or they’ll sue. On the ropes, Peter is forced to agree.

When Hayley makes a mistake at work then has to ask Carla for time off she’s forced to admit it’s for a CT scan. Seeing that beneath her brave veneer Hayley’s terrified, Carla offers to drive her to the hospital. In the waiting room, Carla tries valiantly to make small talk, insisting it’ll be nothing, but alone with the consultant it’s clear there’s bad news.

Nick and Leanne return from their spa break closer than ever. Simmering with resentment David decides it’s time to up the ante in his secret revenge plot against Nick. Taking out his phone he calls trading standards and makes a complaint against the Bistro.

Also, Owen puts a dampener on Audrey’s birthday when he tells her the crack in her wall may be a symptom of a much larger structural problem. And Tim flirts with Sally as he does a few odd jobs at No. 13.