Will Tracy be deceived by Rob?

Tracy gets a visiting order from Rob and then tells Todd that she’s turning Barlow’s Buys into a florists. Later, Robert asks Ken for Tracy’s hand in marriage. But as Ken, Emily, Nessa and Robert prepare to leave for Amy’s violin concert, there’s no sign of Tracy. In the prison visiting room, Tracy reels as Rob lies, claiming there’s a chance he might be released and he hopes they can start again.

Rob phones Johnny from prison and pressures him to come up with the money. Johnny arrives home to find Carla and Kate trying on wedding dresses and when Michelle muses that they could be sisters, Johnny’s rattled.

When David complains to Nick how uncomfortable the spare bed is at Audrey’s, Nick urges him to return to his family and make up with Kylie.

Kevin and Anna realise they’ll be in the bistro at the same time on their dates. Tyrone takes delivery of two dozen Christmas trees, before Fiz calls to say Hope has another infection and is being transferred to the General. After a phone call from Steve, Michelle’s furious.