Will Tracy confess all to Robert?

Tracy squirms as Robert quizzes her as to why she’s so affected by Carla’s guilt over the fire. Meanwhile bent on self-destruction, a drunken Carla bangs on the door of No 1 shouting for Amy, begging for forgiveness and assuring her she never meant to hurt her. As Michelle and Nick guide Carla home, united in their concern for her, Robert turns to Tracy, telling her that if she can’t be truthful with him then they have no future.

Fiz struggles to cope waiting for Hope’s test results and Tyrone fails to provide her with the support she needs.

Over dinner in the bistro, Liz and Lloyd agree that neither of them is looking for commitment and that a casual relationship is the way forward.

Sophie’s shocked to find Sally in a wedding dress and in a last ditch attempt to help Sally out of her dress, Kevin rips the zip off it, leaving Sally devastated. Later, Tim suggests they throw a surprise party for Kevin’s 50th birthday.