Will Tracy confess at the police station?

As Tracy’s bundled out of the pub it becomes clear that Nick called the police. Tracy’s interviewed by the police, but remains adamant she only confessed to stop Carla committing suicide and had nothing to do with the fire. In the bistro, Carla thanks Nick for standing by her, but reckons that Tracy will walk free as there’s no supporting evidence.

Anna and Tim break the news to Faye that the Hodges have taken Miley to live in Canada, but they’re shocked by Faye’s apparent disinterest. It’s clear Faye’s is more concerned about Miley’s move overseas then she appears, however.

Roy and Tyrone celebrate Ruby’s birthday and from the hospital, Fiz sings Happy Birthday over the phone.

As the news of Tracy’s arrest sinks in, Leanne, Sharif and Zeedan try to make sense of what’s happened. As Eileen fusses over him, Jason confides in Todd that he intends to find Callum and have his revenge.