Will Tracy forgive Rob?

Tracy warms to Rob when he assures her that he loves her and the kiss was just a stupid mistake, but when she later sees Tina, Tracy rails at her, calling her a slag. Tina tells Tracy that she’s leaving, but finds it hard to drag herself away from the Street.

Dennis is jealous when Eva suggests that Gloria fancies Ritchie. When Gloria comments how she likes a man in leather, Dennis has an idea ands plays Ritchie at his own game.

A flustered Anna is frantically mopping up water from the cafe floor from a leaking pipe. Anna is adamant she doesn’t want to bother Roy, but Fiz insists they must phone him and tell him about the leak so that he can phone his insurance company. But they’re shocked when they contact his Aunty Jean and she tells them she hasn’t seen Roy.

Also, Michelle and Steve make up; and Marcus is left feeling disconcerted when Todd flirts with him.