Will Tracy frame Becky?

Steve‘s worked all night and is unaware Tracy’s miscarried. Deirdre brings a traumatised Tracy home and she storms round to Becky’s flat demanding to know where Steve is. Admitting she tried to seduce Steve, but he turned her down, Becky assures Tracy that Steve is committed to her and the twins. But as an emotional Tracy is leaving she trips and falls down the stairs so Becky calls an ambulance. Hearing the news Steve rushes to hospital where Tracy reveals she’s lost the twins. Devastated, Steve asks if it’s a result of the fall. Tracy’s about to set him straight, but sensing a chance to get Becky out of their lives for good she tells him she was pushed.

When Audrey and David discover there’s no water at the salon, and they can’t get a plumber before Christmas, they’re forced to relocate to the Platts. David accuses Owen of sabotage, but he feigns innocence, offering to look at the plumbing for them.

Chesney’s delighted with his Christmas tree sales, revealing he can now pay Owen off. But as everyone discovers the trees they bought from him are now bald Chesney’s faced with a host of disgruntled neighbours!

Also, Peter’s determined to see Carla on Christmas Day.