Steve‘s turned down Tracy’s offer of tea to help cheer him up, as he’s still wallowing. But when he sees a sun-kissed Becky arrive home, confirming she’s moved on and so should he, it’s another bitter blow for Steve, who finds himself on Tracy’s doorstep. He enjoys the family atmosphere and with Amy in bed agrees to a glass of wine with Tracy. As they discuss their failed relationships both agree Amy is the most important thing in their lives. With the barriers falling Steve finally succumbs to Tracy’s conniving ways…

As Dr Carter recommends Gary needs psychiatric help all he can think about is seeing Izzy again. After work she calls in at the Windasses where Gary begs for forgiveness, accepting that he needs professional help.

When Brian turns up on the street with Dylan’s coat, that was left at the reading group, he’s bemused to hear that Dylan is not Julie’s son. Finding Julie in the pub he lays his cards on the table, revealing he’s no longer with his wife. When he challenges her to do the same the pair agree to make a fresh start.

Also, Audrey‘s stunned when Marc asks her to accompany him to an LGBT charity event where he’s speaking as Marcia.