At the B&B Rob explains to Tracy how he never intended to kill Tina and wishes things were different. As Ken searches in vain for Tracy, worried what might have happened to her, it’s decision time for Tracy. Handing Rob some cash she agrees to go on the run with him!

Maria drives Luke to a country cottage where she’s made an appointment to view a car. They’re out on a test drive with the car’s owner when he suddenly becomes unwell and they hastily call an ambulance. As Maria and Luke set off on foot back to the house, they blame each other for their disastrous day.

Tony works his charm on Liz and her birthday ends on a high note; Eva does her best to encourage Todd and Eileen to mend bridges and talk to each other, but Jason wades in and orders Todd to leave.

Michael arrives home drunk, explaining to Gail how he searched the pubs of Manchester for Gavin and a barman said that he would get an address for him.