Will Tracy stand by her statement?

Ken and Deirdre visit Tracy in prison in a bid to find out what she’s said about Gail. When pushed by her family Tracy finds it hard to stand by her statement.

Gail desperately needs a witness to back her claims that she got off the boat before Joe sailed, so David decides to head back to the Lakes to find the Polish cleaner they met in the cottage. Nick refuses to go along with his plan aware that funding a false witness could make matters worse. But David’s steadfast and after agonising over the plan Nick eventually agrees to help. David’s grateful, but reiterates it’s cash he needs if he’s to bribe a witness.

Graeme tries to apologise to Rosie for standing her up, but she sends him packing. Heading back to Tina’s he admits he chose to stay with her over Rosie, and there’s an awkward moment as they both realise what this means for their relationship.

Also, Carla’s under pressure as the factory staff struggle to get a big order out while contending with a leaky roof. She tells Nick it’s vital that today’s meeting with his contact goes well; and Hayley feels hurt by Roy’s constant insensitivity.