The Roscoes hold their annual family football match, with Fraser as honorary team captain. Meanwhile, Sinead is frantically trying to find the card she wrote to Joe but it’s missing. She’s shocked when it turns out Robbie’s got it and he asks her what she’s prepared to do to get it back.

Trevor decides the only way to save Grace is to scam Mercedes out of her money. He finds out Mercedes is going to a spa with Cindy and decides he’s going to kill her. Freddie tries to warn them and his world comes crashing down when Holly tells him Lindsey went in Cindy’s place.

At the spa, Lindsey is terrified as Trevor holds a gun to her back, while Mercedes is being forced to transfer her money to Trevor. Freddie bursts into the hotel room and rugby tackles Trevor. The girls rush to the car and they drive off leaving a vengeful Trevor behind. At the club, Freddie promises Fraser that he’ll get the money – he tells Mercedes to transfer the money, or he’ll tell the police she killed Browning.

Carmel and Theresa struggle to put their differences aside until they have a wake-up call.

Also, a lovesick Ziggy is given hope that Ruby will forgive him.