Will Trevor save Esther and Kim?

At the scene of the accident, Grace starts to come round and Trevor snaps out of his shock and rushes over to where Kim and Esther are unconscious in the overturned car. The doors are jammed shut and the police van that smashed into them is on its side. Frankie and Jack are happy to hear about Dylan’s sentencing but their hearts sink when they get a call about the accident. Meanwhile, Trevor and Grace wonder whether they should leave Esther and Kim to die, that way they’ll get baby Curtis!

Grace and Trevor are stunned when Dylan emerges from the back of the police van. Dylan and Trevor flip Jack’s car over as flames burst from the engine. They pull Esther from the wreckage but Kim’s still inside, screaming for help. Leela saves Kim, while injured Dylan tells his dad that, once he’s finished in young offenders, he’s leaving. At that moment, Jack’s car explodes and Dylan collapses on the floor…

Later, Kim, Esther and Dylan are wheeled into the hospital. Kim is desperate for revenge on Trevor and Grace, and Trevor’s worried about Dylan. Grace begs Esther to let her have Curtis and tells her about Kim inducing her labour. Kim sneaks in to see Dylan, who has a liver laceration, and reveals herself as GothBoy98, leaving him spooked. Later, as Dylan sleeps, the Gloved Hand enters his room. Later, Trevor is full of grief and guilt as he pleads with Dylan to wake up – but he’s dead.

Meanwhile, Celine is mortified she was wrong about Cameron and Leela and lashes out in embarrassment. Cameron knows Celine isn’t far off the truth, though, because it seems he still wants to be with Leela.

Also, Ziggy goes to the prison to see Tegan, who tells him she’s cutting all ties with him and Leela. It’s clear she doesn’t mean it and, when he leaves, her bravado crumbles. Celine hides a syringe in her pocket at the hospital and Leela, who got caught up in the explosion, is her next patient. Tegan is taken to the hospital for treatment related to her cancer.