Having asked to meet his dad, Toadie takes Callum to meet Troy. They meet in Harold’s but Toadie refuses to leave. However, when the conversation is strained between Troy and Callum, Sonya convinces Toadie to go for a walk with her and leave them to it. However, he’s not happy when he returns to see Callum and Troy laughing and joking and ushers Callum home.

Sonya apologises for Toadie’s behaviour and tells Troy she should have told him he had a son when Callum was born. Troy assures her she did the right thing, but Sonya can’t help thinking she made a mistake all those years ago. As the couple reminisce, it seems they are getting closer. However, when Sonya goes to the bathroom, Troy’s nasty side emerges when someone accidentally knocks into him in the bar.

Kyle’s desperate to impress Kate and keeps on at a reluctant Jade to help him. Not wanting them to get together, Jade tells him to just go for it and pash the life out of her. Kyle’s not convinced, but desperate to sabotage things, Jade convinces him to take a more forceful approach. However, Kyle decides not to take Jade’s advice and asks Kate on another date, but she turns him down and he soon realises Jade was lying.