Will Tyler choose Mark or Paige?

Paige may not realise the extent of Tyler’s underhandedness, but she does suspect that he’d like to see her split from Mark. Later, when venting to Amber, Paige is rocked by Amber’s assertion that staying with Mark is unfair to both him and herself.

Nate accesses an email on Paul’s USB that seems to confirm that Paul hired a crony of Forrest Jones to set Josh up. Paul is in the middle of trying to stop Susan gathering signatures for her petition when he gets a text from an unknown number and phones Tim Collins – someone knows about the ‘Freestyle job’.

Steph enlists Sonya’s help to organise a game of wheelchair basketball for Toadie and he beats the competition easily. Sonya later elicits from Karl his cautiously optimistic opinion as to whether Steph is cured of her mental illness. Sonya would feel a lot better if she could stop worrying that Steph is going to cause more trouble.

An old ‘friend’ tells Steph it’s not safe for her to be back in Erinsborough.