When Tyler overhears Hamish having a mysterious conversation, will he realise his father is nothing more than a con man? And how will Tyler react to a shocking discovery? Meanwhile, Mark is left stunned when he discovers an harassment claim has been made against him and immediately believes Hamish is behind it. It seems that Mark is right as, later, Hamish tells Tyler that Mark has been following him and he has filed a complaint to the police.

Later, Steph complains to Jack that the drugs scandal has ruined the wellness centre’s reputation. The police still haven’t found any leads but, until the culprit has been identified, Amy’s donor refuses to reveal his identity. Steph decides to ask Mark to look into the drugs scandal and Mark’s digging leads him to Jamie Hayatt – that’s when Karl tells Mark he saw Jamie and Hamish talking to each other just before the drugs bust at the Wellness centre. Mark realises Hamish was behind the drugs plant to get out of becoming an investor. Can he convince Amy and Steph to believe his theory?

Also, Karl isn’t happy when Sonya refuses to accept his bribe to win favour for his Liveability pitch. Things go from bad to worse for Karl when he sees that Susan and Dipi are moving full steam ahead with their pitches. Will Karl try and sabotage Susan and Dipi’s ideas for his advantage?