Will Tyler dump Piper?

Tyler struggles to deal with his complicated relationship

Piper tells Tyler what her parents really said about their relationship and he decides the only option is to be honest – then surprises Brad by calmly stating his mature view on Piper and their relationship. Later, Tyler asks for Mark’s advice and eventually realises there are too many issues to deal with and breaks up with a devastated Piper.

Marks notices Belinda staring at him, Steph and Charlie at The Waterhole, but Steph thinks she was just upset by the sight of the family she always believed she’d be part of, but will never be. Mark’s concerns remain, and he reveals he feels he can’t compete with Belinda because she’s a woman. Steph tries her best to alleviate his fears, but Mark confronts Belinda and makes it clear that she’s not welcome.

When Gary discovers Xanthe’s upset that Piper isn’t going to the formal, he innocently promises to buy her a dress to cheer her up, unaware she assumes it’s the expensive dress she has her heart set on. When Sheila finds out she warns him not to make promises he can’t keep.