Will Tyler survive the fight?

Anthony puts an eight grand bet on with Michael for Tyler’s opponent to win. Tyler enters the ring and is pleased to see Whitney. Tyler’s unsettled when he sees the size of his opponent. Jack is furious with Michael for not replacing Stiller as well as ‘forgetting’ to book a doctor and he ropes in Yusef. Tyler takes a pummelling, but won’t throw in the towel. Against the odds, Tyler wins. Tyler tells Whitney that he won the fight for her, then collapses…

Eddie confides in Carol that it’s the anniversary of Michael’s mother’s death. Vanessa, pushed by Michael, flirts with Eddie in a bid to seduce him. Vanessa realises how much he likes Carol and backs off. Vanessa tells Michael she can’t sabotage their relationship. Michael is confident that she’s already done enough. Michael tells Jack that Eddie and Vanessa are an item. Jack tells Carol, not wanting her to get hurt.

Fat Boy is surprised when Mercy’s sister Faith turns up with annulment papers for his marriage to Mercy. Whitney is unimpressed with Faith and doesn’t want her hanging around Fat Boy. Whitney reluctantly agrees to go to Tyler’s fight with Fat Boy when he asks her along. Faith tries to tag along, but is embarrassed when her gran Grace forbids her.