Will Tyler win round Whitney?

Tyler is determined to woo Whitney. He interrupts Fat Boy, who is about to ask out Whitney, by getting the market holders to hold up a sign asking Whitney on a date. The stunt scare Whitney off. Fat Boy tells Tyler that Whitney is scared of intimacy and he assumes Whitney is a virgin. Whitney plucks up the courage to tell Tyler she likes him and leans in for a kiss.

Phil discovers someone has painted ‘racist’ on the Arches’ doors and accuses Patrick. Christian is concerned by Ben’s dark mood and tries to find out from Patrick what really happened. Patrick will only say that if anyone can get through to Ben, Christian can. Christian reassures Ben that he has people he can talk to. Ben later visits the gym to talk to Christian, but they’re interrupted by a call from Syed.

Ian has a go at Mandy for being inconsiderate and soaking Dot during a water fight with Bobby. Mandy finds out more about Jane. She dresses up in a sensible Jane-style outfit, cleans the house from top to bottom and prepares Ian’s dinner. Ian wants to know what Mandy is up to. She points out that if he wanted a Jane, he’d still be married to her. Ian realises Mandy is right and joins in with another water fight!