Tyrone‘s stunned when Molly reveals she wants a fresh start for them and the baby away from the street. Seeing how much it means to her he agrees to think about it and when Kevin does nothing to persuade him to stay it looks like a move is on the cards.

Audrey’s found Lewis’s diary in the salon and when he calls her to get it back they agree to meet later. Rita overhears and gently tries to counsel Audrey on seeing the relationship for what it is. Audrey refuses to listen, but when she looks in Lewiss’ diary and finds notes on all his clients, their families and their accounts she realises Rita was right – this is business only, and she needs to stop thinking otherwise. Handing the diary over she tells Lewis she’s been a fool, confused his attentiveness for feelings and it would be inappropriate to see him any more. However, she’s stunned when Lewis responds with a passionate kiss.

Sophie gets a part-time job in Dev’s shop so she can save money to visit Sian.

Also, Natasha arranges a date with Nick; Norris and Mary arrive at the cottage and Mary plans a candlelit dinner, much to Norris’s dismay.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Audrey‘s angry with Lewis, accusing him of leading her on to keep her custom. Lewis is hurt, claiming he’s developed feelings for her too, but forcing her head to rule her heart Audrey tells him to leave. With Lewis gone a confused Audrey confides in Rita and asks what she should do next. Lewis meanwhile has another date in town but, struggling to keep his mind on the job, he finds himself back at Audrey’s house. Lewis is forceful as he insists Audrey was wrong about him and makes himself at home – even rustling up dinner for the two of them. Audrey is on cloud nine.

David finds Gary hiding out in the Windasses’ shed and he’s highly amused. Gary’s ashamed and begs him to keep quiet. But while David agrees Gary’s on edge, worried he’s not got the best confidante.

Natasha’s not happy when Nick takes a business call and immediately cancels their date.

Also, Molly’s pleased when Tyrone agrees to look at new houses; Mary makes Norris spend the entire evening doing competitions.

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