Will Tyrone bail out his Mum?

Tyrone is worried after Jackie does a disappearing act and he and Molly spend the night in the car waiting for Jackie to return. But Tyrone’s worry turns to anger when his mum turns up revealing she has no intention of paying Brian what she owes and plans to do another runner. As the real Jackie comes out in all her glory she reveals how she scammed him. Tyrone’s devastated and he reluctantly agrees to help her out when Molly suggests using their wedding fund to pay off Brian.

Jerry is increasingly unwell and Gail organises for a doctor to come and visit him. Teresa worries that she’s about to be discovered, just as Jerry seems to be softening about having her live with them. But she’s relieved when the unwitting doctor advises Jerry to take things easy.

Fiz is confused by her growing feelings for John, but when Julie spots them sharing a drink at the Rovers, Fiz is mortified. Fiz expects Julie to be disparaging about their renewed friendship, but she’s surprised when Julie suggests maybe she should give him another chance.

Also, David’s plan to make Tina jealous seems to be working; Dev and Nina enjoy another liaison and Dev is clearly falling for her.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Mel returns from holiday and is shocked to see that Teresa is still at the Mortons, while Jerry is in a terrible state. Mel is relieved when she discovers that Teresa is due to move into her new flat today. Teresa desperately slips more pills into Jerry’s final dinner, hoping to be asked back, before heading off. On the way to her new flat, Teresa feels guilty and she asks the taxi driver to return to the Mortons.

Molly and Tyrone return to the street, but with the wedding fund gone, it’s clear that the young couple will have to find ways to downsize their wedding plans. Meanwhile, Jackie has made her way to Weatherfield and when Jack finds her hanging around in the Duckworths’ back yard he refuses to be soft-soaped and he sends her packing.

Sean tries to rein in his jealousy when he learns that Marcus will be staying with his ex Noel when he’s down in London for his course. Marcus is snappy with a fretful Sean, who is left miserable. When Tom comes into the Rovers, Sean suddenly perks up and it’s clear that it’s not only Marcus he has eyes for.

Also, Nina invites Dev for a dirty weekend away.