Tyler is down in the dumps after his split from Whitney and nothing can shake his mood. Desperate to get back together with Whitney, he tries to talk to her at the community centre while she’s at work. A hurt Whitney isn’t interested, so Tyler decides to take drastic action. He arranges for the kids to hold up letters spelling ‘will u marry me’. Whitney is stunned!

Max is sent Kirsty’s wedding ring in the post. Blaming her for the mess his life is in, he decides to confront her. Kirsty is staying with a friend Adam and is surprised to find Max at the house. Spotting a nasty bruise on Kirsty’s cheek, he accuses Adam of beating her – and gets a beating himself. When Max leaves, Kirsty gets into the car with him. They park up a few streets away to talk and are soon kissing passionately.

Ayesha is unimpressed when Zainab makes Masood install the water feature in freezing weather so it will be ready in time for the Iman’s visit later that day. Zainab is oblivious to Masood’s discomfort as the Iman arrives to talk about their impending wedding. A fed up Masood can’t face either Zainab or the Iman and heads out.