Will Val and Pollard tie the knot?

Val goes to see Lisa about her tablecloths, but is knocked unconscious when Lisa accidentally opens the door in her face. Eli takes Val hostage and tells a fuming Lisa that there’s money to be made seeing as it’s the morning of Val’s wedding! Val is stunned to learn of the secret wedding and Pollard’s cheapskate plans and she tells Eli to go ahead with the ransom demand – she wants a cut!

Pollard is distraught when he gets the ransom demand, but he realises the Dingles are behind the kidnap and he goes to negotiate. Val is touched when she overhears Pollard insisting that he genuinely wanted to give Val the perfect wedding and she reveals herself. Pollard is furious that she was in on the plan and they start bickering. Zak’s soon had enough and bundles the warring couple into his van to get them to the church on time.

Marlon is super stressed as he waits for the ‘Village Pub of the Year’ judges’ arrival when his veg delivery fails to arrive and sends everyone off to find him ingredients for his competition dish. Marlon passes the judging with flying colours and celebrity judge Antony Worrall Thompson suggests they discuss future culinary ideas!

Also, Sharon snogs David.